Summary of Short Stories from Echoes Textbook ISC English Literature-All Chapters

Students who don't have much time left to read the complete chapter are in hurry to read the summarised version. Here, we have provided the summary for all the short stories from the ISC Textbook for English Echoes. These summary will help the students in learning in detail as well as save their time. We also have many study resources for ISC English for Class 11 and 12 which students can access for free.

More Study Resources from ISC English Literature

These summary will reduce the effort of the students and will allow them to save their time. ISC Summary for Echoes Textbook could act as a tool to help the students in getting good marks in the board examination class 12. We have covered the summary of all the short stories given in the Echoes textbook. There are total 10 chapters in the English textbook. We have also provided the questions and answers for the short stories of echoes which can be accessed from the above links. Below is the name of the chapters from where students can read the summary of the stories. These summary are explained in a detail manner so that no main points should left behind.

Summary of Short Stories from Echoes- All Chapters

Summary of Salvatore by W. Somerset Maugham

Summary of Fritz by Satyajit Ray

Summary of Quality by John Galsworthy

Summary of To Build a Fire by Jack London

Summary of The Story of an Hour by Kate Chopin

Summary of The Chinese Statue by Jeffrey Archer

Summary of A Gorilla in the Guest Room by Gerald Durrell

Summary of The Singing Lesson by Katherine Mansfield

Summary of The Sound Machine by Roald Dahl

Summary of B. Wordsworth by V.S. Naipaul

Students can easily read the summary of the stories from the English Textbook of Echoes by selecting the chapters from the above list. These summaries are prepared by our experts and based on the latest pattern of CISCE Board. These summary of the chapters are very useful for the students of both class 11 and 12. This can act as a tool to increase marks in their board examination of English Literature.

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