Questions Answers for Treasure Trove ICSE English Literature- A Collection of Poems and Stories

Treasure Trove is English Literature textbook for Class 9 and 10 students of ICSE Board. It is a collection of ICSE Short stories and poems. ICSE Solutions for Treasure is very important. Students need to study one novel that is The Merchant of Venice, Grammar and treasure trove textbook for the examination. These are very important if you want to perform well in the Class 10 Board Examination of ICSE.

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Here, we have solved the questions from the stories and poems of Treasure Trove textbook and provided them. Students can study these questions and answers by using the page of ICSE Solutions for Treasure Trove. All the solutions are based on the pattern of ICSE and as per the latest syllabus. ICSE Solutions of Treasure is very important if students want to get good marks in the examinations. They must study these questions answers from the website of so that their doubts could be cleared. ICSE Solutions for Treasure trove class 9 and 10 contain all the chapters in an arranged manner so that it become easy for students to go through each poems and stories. Below is the list of poems and stories of ICSE class 9 and 10 which can be accessed by clicking on them.

ICSE Solution of Treasure Trove- All Short Stories

ICSE Solutions for Chief Seattle’s Speech

ICSE Solutions for The Old Man at the Bridge

ICSE Solutions for A Horse and Two Goats

ICSE Solutions for Hearts and Hands

ICSE Solutions for A Face in the Dark

ICSE Solutions for An Angel in Disguise

ICSE Solutions for The Little Match Girl

ICSE Solutions for The Blue Bead 

ICSE Solutions for My Greatest Olympic Prize

ICSE Solutions for All Summer in a Day

ICSE Solutions for Treasure Trove- All Poems

ICSE Solutions for Heart of a Tree

ICSE Solutions for The Cold Within

ICSE Solutions for Bangle sellers

ICSE Solutions for After Blenheim

ICSE Solutions for Television

ICSE Solutions for Daffodils

ICSE Solutions for I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

ICSE Solutions for The Patriot

ICSE Solutions for Abou Ben Adhem

ICSE Solutions for Nine Gold Medals 

Students can also check out the summary of Treasure Trove textbook in order top understand the chapters very well. Along with questions answers of Treasure trove, we have also made solutions for the workbook answers of Treasure trove for all the chapters.

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We have also provided the ICSE Study Materials for Class 10 Students. These Study Resources includes all the subjects of ICSE Board. It also contains the questions and answers of all the chapters and topics which are provided in the syllabus of ICSE for Class 10 Students. All the solutions and Summaries are strictly based on the latest syllabus of ICSE. We aim to provide the best study materials for Class 10 ICSE on the website icserankers. The subjects for which solutions are provided are Hindi, English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History and Civics, Geography and Economics. Books like Selina Concise Publisher's Textbook, Frank Certificate Textbooks, ML Aggarwal Textbooks solutions are provided chapterwise.
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