Synopsis of Fritz by Satyajit Ray

About the Author of Fritz

Satyajit Ray (1921-1992), is a renowned Indian filmmaker who worked prominently in Bengali cinema. He is one of the greatest directors and has won many prestigious awards. Not only in cinema, but he has left his mark as a lyricist, music composer, calligrapher, illustrator and also a writer. He has won a special lifetime achievement award. He is the second Indian to have won the Oscar. He was also awarded an honorary degree by Oxford University. Apart from that, many Indian National Awards, Golden Bear, Golden Lion, and two Silver Bear awards stand testimony to his outstanding talent. As a crowning glory, the Government of India honored him with Bharat Ratna, India's highest civilian award.

Ray has authored many short stories and novels. Many of them are aimed at children and adolescents. They are full of twists and suspense that evoke a sense of wonder in the readers. Some of his 'ghost stories blend atmosphere, emotions and plot harmoniously, to create a feeling of creepiness that rises to a thrilling climax. This is clearly seen in Fritz, a ghost' story with a difference.

Summary of Fritz   

Shankar and his friend Jayanto were on vacation at Bundi, a small town in Rajasthan. Although the writer appreciated the natural beauty of Bundi, yet Jayanto's insistence to come to Bundi puzzled him. Jayanto was very eager to go to the place, but after reaching there, his excitement was subdued. The narrator thought that it was a natural reaction visiting the place after a long time and also Jayanto was more emotional than most people. Suddenly Jayanto recalled that there was a Deodar tree in the garden and he also talked about a doll that was gifted to him. It was called Fritz and it was a Swiss doll. As a child, he would talk to it and strangely, he felt that it responded to him. But once the doll was torn and ravaged by dogs, he did not feel like playing with it and buried it near the Deodar tree. Eerily, after so many years he felt the presence of the doll. There were footmarks on his bed. His restlessness made Shankar to decide to dig the place where the doll was buried and to their utter surprise, they found a perfect, twelve-inch-long little human skeleton in place of the remains of the doll.


preoccupied - engrossed, absorbed;
contrary - opposite;
cobbled - paved with stone:
jutting - extending out;
striding - walking with long steps:
jubilantly - very happily:
cheroot - a cigar with both ends cut flat:
battered - injured by repeated blows or punishment;
intrigued - aroused curiosity:
shuffling noise -  sound of dagging feet ;
tranquilizers – sedatives ;
exuberance – excitement;
turrets - small towers:
wane - decrease;
chandeliers - hanging lights with many bulbs:
normalcy - the condition of being normal;
eerie - frightening:
sideburn - a strip of hair grown by a man down each side of the face next to his ears:
reassuring - allaying doubts and fears;
relented - agreed:
pallor - paleness;
raucous - sharp and unpleasant sound;
bulging - swelling. 
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