Summary of The Tempest by William Shakespeare All Acts and Scenes for ICSE Board

For Class 11 and 12, ICSE Board has suggested The Tempest as a novel for reading. Questions will be asked from this novel. Here, we are providing the summary for all the scenes from the Acts of The Tempest written by William Shakespeare. This will help the students in understanding the scenes from different acts of The Tempest in a short and easy manner. All the contents of the novel are given below. There are total 5 acts in the novel. Each acts is then divided into particular number of scenes. The synopsis of The Tempest by William Shakespeare is very helpful in learning the chapter for the students of ICSE. We have also provided the compound questions and answers from the Tempest. All scenes of the acts are covered properly. This could also be studied to know exactly how the questions could be asked in examination. The whole novel is covered under both class 11 syllabus of icse and class 12 syllabus of icse.
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