NCERT Solutions for Chapter 7 The Wonder Called Sleep Class 6 English A Pact with the Sun

Our body and brain recover from fatigue after a good sleep. We dream while sleeping, but we do not always remember our dreams. During sleep, our heartbeat becomes slower and our temperature and blood pressure go down. A dream is an activity of the mind when we are asleep. Dreams help us sleep through noise and other disturbances.  Dreams may reveal something about one’s problems, but they cannot tell the future.

NCERT Solutions for Class 6th English Chapter 7 The Wonder Called Sleep

The Wonder Called Sleep Questions and Answers

Chapter Name

The Wonder Called Sleep NCERT Solutions


CBSE Class 6

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A Pact with the Sun

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Question 1: What is the most obvious advantage of sleep?


The most obvious advantage of sleep is that it helps our body and mind to relax and get ready for the activities of the next day.

Question 2: What happens to our body when we sleep?


When we sleep, the bodily muscles relax. The body recovers from fatigue caused by the routine activities of the day. The body temperature and blood pressure fall. The heart-beat and the brain activities slow down as well.

Question 3; Define a dream in your own words.


A dream is the activity of the mind while a person is sleeping. The activities in the dream can be probably possible and probably not. The dreams can be used to understand the mental health of a person.

Question 4; Why are dreams important? Mention two reasons.


Dreams are important for the following reasons: 

(i) They help us sleep through noise and other disturbances.

(ii) They may reveal a lot about the person's mental health and problems.

(iii) They may provide the solution of some problems if understood correctly.

Question 5: Why has sleep been called a wonder?


Sleep has been called a wonder for the following reasons:

(i) It overpowers anyone and everyone.

(ii) Nobody knows exactly, what brings about sleep. 

(iii) It is a common experience but nobody knows its secrets and depths.

(iv) It has the ability to take away all our fatigue and re-energize us for the new challenges.

(v) It makes us forgetful of even our dearest persons and objects for the time being.

Question 6: Describe briefly to the class an improbable dream you have had.


One night I had an improbable dream. I was sleeping on a cosy bed. All of our watchmen had fallen asleep. Some thieves got into our house. They searched all the safes and cash boxes and filled their bags with cash and jewellery. They got out of our house and their Maruti car was standing at a small distance. Some policemen on patrol duty grew suspicious. They overpowered the thieves and took hold of the entire cash and jewellery. They came to our house and handed them to my mother. It was early morning. I woke up and found everything in my house at its place.

Question 7:  Grandmothers and mothers sing nice little songs while rocking little ones to sleep. Such a song is called a 'lullaby'. Do you remember a lullaby in your own language? Tell the class in English what the lullaby says.


A 'lullaby' is a sweet song sung generally by ladies to make their babies sleep while they rock the cradle. These songs are generally in the folk languages. The English translation of one such 'lullaby' is given below.

Oh moon! We are waiting for you. Bring the stars also with you. We have great love for them too. Fairies also live with you. Bring them also along with you. They will recite their stories and sing sweet songs to my child. Let them lull him to sleep. He is creating a nuisance for me. I am unable to work as long as he is awake.

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