NCERT Solutions for Chapter  8 A Pact with the Sun Class 6 English A Pact with the Sun

Saeeda’s mother has not received proper medical treatment for her complaints.  She is denied healthy food, sunshine and fresh air.  At last, she consults a good physician who gives her effective medicine and sound advice. The sky remains overcast with clouds for a few days.  Saeeda makes a special request to the sunrays to help her mother get well. The sunrays keep their word, come down in large numbers and give new life to Saeeda’s mother.

NCERT Solutions for Class 6th English Chapter 8 A Pact with the Sun

A Pact with the Sun Questions and Answers

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A Pact with the Sun NCERT Solutions


CBSE Class 6

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A Pact with the Sun

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Question 1: What did the physicians ask Saeeda's mother to do to get well? Did their advice help her? If no, why not?


The physicians asked Saeeda's mother not to take normal and also gave her strict instructions to remain shut in a dark room with doors and windows tightly closed. 

No, their advice did not help her at all. Lack of sunshine and fresh air worsened her condition.

Question 2: What did the specialist prescribe in addition to medicine?


The medicines prescribed by the specialist were costly but effective. He suggested that she could eat anything suiting her taste. In addition to this, he asked her to shift from the murky, dark room to a bigger and airy room. She was told to sit in the sun for an hour every morning.

Question 3: What did Saeeda tell the sunrays to do?


The sky has been overcast for a few days and as Saeeda's mother needed sunlight, Saeeda asked the sunrays to come the next day with lots of warmth and brightness. She told the sunrays that her ailing mother needed their help.

Question 4: Why were the sunrays keen to go down to the earth the next day?


The sunrays had made a promise to Saeeda that they would come the next day with warmth and brightness. Therefore, they were keen to go down to the earth the next day even though it was cloudy. They could not stay back lest they should be called liars by the people on earth.

Question 5: What is your own formula for keeping good health?


'Early to bed and early to rise' is my formula for keeping good health.

Question 6: Who would you recommend to a patient in your neighbourhood - the physicians contacted first or the specialist contacted next? Give reasons for your choice.


I would never recommend the physician contacted first to any patient. The generalized doctors hardly ever treat their patients properly. They use half-baked measures which are not effective and thus a specialist should be contacted for better results.

Question 7: When would you make a pact with the sun? When you are going on a picnic, or when you are playing a cricket match? Think of other occasions.


We would make a pact with the sun when we are playing a cricket match. We would also do the same on festive occasions. These occasions require a lot of moving out and an overcast sky can make the situations dull and the proceedings boring.

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