NCERT Solutions for Chapter 3 The Shepherd's Treasure Class 6 English A Pact with the Sun

A poor shepherd once lived in Iran. Though uneducated, he was very wise and helpful. The king decided to meet him in disguise. The shepherd was able to make out that his visitor was none other than the king. The king made the wise shepherd governor of a small district. Other governors became jealous of the new governor and called him dishonest. The new governor was called to the palace. He was ordered to explain why he always carried an iron chest. The chest contained no gold or silver.

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 The Shepherd's Treasure Questions and Answers

Chapter Name

The Shepherd's Treasure NCERT Solutions


CBSE Class 6

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A Pact with the Sun

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Question 1: The shepherd hadn't been to school because

(i) He was very poor.

(ii) There were very few schools in those days.

(iii) He wasn't interested in studies.

Choose the right answer.


The shepherd did not go to school because there were very few schools in those days.

Question 2: Who visited the shepherd one day, and why?


The shepherd's reputation as a wise man reached the king's ears. So, he decided to visit the shepherd in order to enquire whether the reputation was apt or a ruse.

Question 3: Why did the other governors grow jealous of the shepherd?


The shepherd was made a governor by the king and yet he lived humbly and the reputation of his wisdom also kept on increasing. The other governors were jealous of his fame.

Question 4: Why was the new governor called to the palace?


The jealous governors badmouthed about the new governor to the king and accused that the new governor kept a portion of the tax collected for himself in the iron chest which he always carried with himself. The king called the new governor to check on these allegations.

Question 5: Why was everyone delighted to see the iron chest on the camel's back?


The jealous governors have accused the new governor of dishonesty and told the king that the iron chest contained the treasure that was unlawfully stolen from the taxes. When the new governor came along with the iron chest on the camel's back, everyone was delighted as they thought that now they can prove the accusations.

Question 6:

(i) What did the iron chest contain?

(ii) Why did the shepherd always carry it?

(iii) Is it an example of the shepherd's humility or wisdom or both?


(i) There was an old blanket into the iron chest.

(ii) The shepherd always carried it as he considered it to be his oldest and most trustworthy friend. He also was certain that the blanket will protect him from cold even if the king decides to take away the new cloaks.

(iii) It is an example of both. The shepherd was now a governor and still carried an old blanket with himself while he could afford new fancy ones; this shows his humility. He understood the fact that his position might be lost someday and thus kept the blanket as a reserve resource; this shows his wisdom.

Question 7: How did the king reward the new governor?


The king after listening to the explanation of the new governor got highly impressed with his wisdom and humility. He decided to reward the governor by giving him the charge of a larger district the very same day.

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