NCERT Solutions for Chapter 2 The Friendly Mongoose Class 6 English A Pact with the Sun

A farmer, his wife and their small child lived in a village. There was also a baby mongoose in the house, who they believed would be their son’s companion and friend in future. One day the farmer and his wife went out leaving the child alone with the mongoose. The farmer’s wife returned home from the market carrying a heavy basket. She found the mongoose at the entrance of the house with blood on his face and paws. She jumped to the conclusion that it was her son’s blood, and the mongoose was the guilty one.

NCERT Solutions for Chapter 2 The Friendly Mongoose Class 6 English A Pact with the Sun

The Friendly Mongoose Questions and Answers

Chapter Name

The Friendly Mongoose NCERT Solutions


CBSE Class 6

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A Pact with the Sun

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Question 1: Why did the farmer bring a baby mongoose into the house?


The farmer and his wife only had one son and wanted a companion for him when he grew up. They decided to bring a pet for this and thus the farmer brought a baby mongoose into the house.

Question 2: Why didn't the farmer's wife want to leave the baby alone with the mongoose?


The farmer's wife did not trust the mongoose and thought that it might harm the baby in her absence. Therefore, she did not want to leave the baby alone with the mongoose.

 Question 3: What was the farmer's comment on his wife's fear?


The farmer understood his wife reservations about the mongoose and tried to calm her by saying that the mongoose is a friendly animal and would not harm the baby. He also added up that the baby and the mongoose are very fond of each other and are best friends.

Question 4: Why did the farmer's wife strike the mongoose with the basket?


When the farmer's wife returned from shopping she saw the mongoose had blood-stained mouth and paws. This lead to her believing that the mongoose has killed her baby. So, in grief and anger she struck the mongoose with the heavy basket, thus killing him.

Question 5: Did she repent her hasty action? How does she show her repentance?


She repented her hasty action once she realized that the mongoose has actually saved her baby. She sobbed touching the dead mongoose and exclaimed that she had killed the animal which has saved her baby.

Question 6: Do you have a pet - a cat or a dog? If not, would you like one? How would you look after it? Are you for or against keeping birds in a cage as pets?


I do not have a pet but would like to have a dog as a pet. I would ensure that the dog is properly vaccinated time to time. I will provide healthy food and exercise to my dog. I will not keep the dog on leash most of the time and train it with love and patience.

I am completely against keeping birds in cages for the pleasure of humans. This is an inhuman practice and is equivalent to forcibly keeping humans in prison without any fault of theirs.

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