NCERT Solutions for Poem Rain on the Roof Class 9 English Beehive

This poem was written by the poet Coates Kinney. He describes how he feels when it rains. Whenever it rains, the poet recalls all his past memories related to his childhood. He listens to the rain pitter-patter while lying on his bed in the cottage. He recalls the rainy days when he was younger. He remembers his mother who is not alive with him but his memories will always remain with him he also remembers. His mother also takes care of him during rainy days and she put the poet and his siblings to sleep. He recalls all the sweet memories of his past while listening to the rain.

NCERT Solutions for Class 9th English Poem Rain on the Roof

Rain on the Roof Questions and Answers

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Rain on the Roof NCERT Solutions


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Thinking about the Poem

I. Answer these questions:

Question 1: What do the following phrases mean to you? Discuss in class.

(i) humid shadows

(ii) starry spheres

(iii) what a bliss

(iv) a thousand dreamy fancies into busy being start

(v) a thousand recollections weave their air threads into woof


(i) Clouds that float in the air are called humid shadows.

(ii) A starry sphere is the night sky that is illuminated by stars.

(iii) "What a bliss" emphasizes the poet's joy and pleasure at the sound of rain pitter-pattering.

(iv) The poem is about the poet's dreams and fantasies which flourish in his head.

(v) In 'a thousand recollections weave their air threads into woof', the poet refers to the memories that he recollects just as the threads which weave across the loom form an elegant picture.

Question 2: What does the poet like to do when it rains?


The poet likes to do Pressing a pillow on his cottage-chamber bed, the poet feels an extreme feeling of joy and pleasure. He is transported to the seventh heaven by listening to the soft pitter-patter of rain.

Question 3: What is the single major memory that comes to the poet? Who are the 'darling dreamers' he refers to?


The single major memory that comes to the poet is his mother and her affectionate look.

The 'darling dreamers' refers to the siblings of the poet and the poet himself in the younger age when their mother put them to sleep.

Question 4: Is the poet now a child? Is his mother still alive?


No, the poet is not a child now. As an adult, he is responsible.

No, his mother is not alive. The poet can feel that motherly affection and love While enjoying the soft rain in his cottage chamber, 

II Answer these questions:

Question 1: When you were a young child, did your mother tuck you in, as the poet's did?


Yes, When I was a child, my mother tucked me in like poet's mother did.

NOTE-This question requires the students to share their own experience.

Question 2: Do you like rain? What do you do when it rains steadily or heavily as described in the poem?


Yes, I like rain so much. Rain and its soft pitter-patter voice are fascinating to me. The steady rain showers are just like an energy drink for me, as I love getting wet.

No, I don't like heavy rain because it disturbs those who live in kutcha houses, on footpaths, and elsewhere. A lot of rain also destroys the crops of the farmers, which are their only source of income.

NOTE-This question requires the students to share their own views and opinions and experiences according to their likes and dislikes.

Question 3: Does everybody have a cozy bed to lie in when it rains? Look around you and describe how different kinds of people or animals spend time, seek shelter etc. during rain.


No, everybody does not have a cozy bed to lie in when it rain. The pleasure and energy it brings cannot be experienced by everyone in this world.

There are many animals that take shelter inside their nests and thatched roofs made of reed and straw, including birds and stray dogs.

However, many people are faced with difficulties taking shelter, many houses are destroyed by heavy rainfall, and many people often die from the devastating consequences such as lightning or trees falling due to a thunderstorm. Whenever such a situation arises, it comes with both pros and cons.

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