NCERT Solutions for Chapter 10 An Alien Hand Class 7 English An Alien Hand

This lesson was written by Jayant Narlikar. In the story, Tilloo lives beneath the surface of the planet with his parents. Father Tilloo goes through a forbidden passage to work. When Tilloo discovered he wasn't allowed to use the path, he was curious to know why.
The moral of this story is curiosity is good, but not too much, curiosity is harmful... we shouldn't touch anything unfamiliar.

NCERT Solutions for Class 7th English Chapter 10 An Alien Hand

An Alien Hand Questions and Answer

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An Alien Hand NCERT Solutions


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An Alien Hand

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Comprehension Check I

Question 1: How does Tilloo manage to find his way to the 'forbidden passage'?


Tilloo managed to get hold of his father's security card and escaped his watchful mother's eye and made his way to the forbidden passage.


Question 2: What did Tilloo hope to see once he emerged from his underground home?


When Tilloo emerged from his underground home, he wished to see the sun in the daytime and the stars at night. He had only heard about the sun and stars up until now.


Question 3: Why did Tilloo's father advise him not to try to reach the surface of the planet?


Tilloo's father advised him so because the air on the planet was too thin to breathe and the temperature was so low it could freeze a person. The conditions made it difficult for a normal person to survive.


Question 4: What changes had occurred, which forced people to live in underground homes?


Sunlight, once a source of sustenance, has turned hostile. Even its minimal change disrupted nature's equilibrium on the planet. Due to this hostility, birds, animals, and fish went extinct. Due to these changes, the people had to live underground.


Comprehension Check II

Question 1: Why was everyone in the Control Room greatly excited?


In the Control Room, a big TV screen indicated something was headed towards the place, which sparked a lot of excitement.


Question 2: Was the spacecraft manned or unmanned? How do you know it?


Spacecraft was unmanned. It is stated in the passage that there were manned and unmanned space programs when energy was plentiful, but no space programs today due to energy shortages and underground life.


Question 3: What did Number One and Number Two suggest should be done about the alien spacecraft?


According to Number One, spacecraft should be rendered useless at all times, while Number Two suggests non-interference and passive observation in an effort to conceal their existence.


Comprehension Check III

Question 1: What do you think the mechanical hand was trying to do?


The mechanical hand that emerged from the spacecraft touched the ground, possibly to collect soil for analysis.


Question 2: Tilloo pressed the red button and "the damage was done". What was the damage?


Tilloo's mechanical hand stopped working as soon as he pressed the red button for the first time.


Question 3: Where had the spacecraft come from?


There was a spacecraft that came from the Earth. According to the passage, NASA's mission is discussed in the latter part of the passage.


Question 4: On which planet do Tilloo and his parents live? 


It was on Mars that Tilloo and his parents lived.



Question 1: If you had to live in a home like Tilloo's what parts of life would you find most difficult? What compensations might there be?


If I were to live in a house like Tilloo's, I would miss the cool morning breeze, the pipe of birds, the glistening sun, playing in the open, and the trees and ponds. In this situation, I wouldn't attend any school and would play a lot of games instead. The compensations, if true, would not be sufficient to compensate for the loss of nature.


Question 2: What, if anything might drive mankind to make their homes underground?


We are moving towards a time when mankind will have to live underground because of the increasing use of technology and ignorance of the environmental conditions. There are several factors that could lead to such a situation, including extreme weather conditions, pollution, and destruction of flora and fauna.

Question 3: Do you think there is life one other planets? Can you guess what kind of people there may be on them? In what ways are they likely to be different from us.


There is a possibility of life on other planets. In order to find out, scientists are constantly working on it. On other planets, there might or might not be people like us. They may have very different lifestyles, foods, clothing, and languages from us. Their structure may be even different from ours.


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