NCERT Solutions for Chapter 9 (Poem) The Lazy Frog Class 5 English Marigold

In the poem, a lazy frog spends all day doing nothing. A slothful person spends their entire day doing nothing but laziness. With its humorous tone, the poem manages to convey a sense of whimsy. In this poem, readers will learn about what a lazy frog does all day long. They will also learn about how nothing bothers him at all, regardless of whether it is his own mother or a lady frog.

NCERT Solutions for Class 5th English Chapter 9 (Poem) The Lazy Frog

The Lazy Frog Questions and Answers

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The Lazy Frog NCERT Solutions


CBSE Class 5

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Page No 80:

Question 1: What did the frog do all day? 


The frog keeps on resting on a log of wood the whole day.


Page No 80: 

Question 2: Besides lazy, what other word can you think of to describe the frog? (Hint: how he behaved with his mother..., when a lady frog walked by...) 


The frog besides being lazy is also rude and proud.


Page No 80: 

Question 3: Complete the sentences with reference to the poem. 

(i) When the frog's mother called him, he pretended 

to ______

(ii) When a lady frog hops by, he does not even



(i) When the frog's mother called him, he pretended to sleep

(ii) When a lady frog hops by, he does not even open up one eye.


Page No 80: 

Question 4: Did you like the frog's behaviour? 


No, I did not like the frog's behaviour because he is very rude to his mother.


Page No 80: 

Question 1: Refer to the poem and understand. 

The frog loved to laze and lie around all day. 

He did not like to do any work at all. 

Now make true sentences about yourself! 

Write about the people you like, a game you play, a hobby, a habit you have. You may use the following clues. 

I love........................

I like........................

I don't mind.....................

I don't like......................

I hate...........................

Try and find out the same from your family members also. 


Disclaimer: These are sample answers. Students are advised to write the answers based on their own experiences and observations. 

I love to play football.

I like to read books

I don't mind doing my homework

I don't like to go for shopping

I hate watching television.


Page No 81: 

Question 1: Add one more matching word to each pair. One has been done for you. 

log                      frog                dog 

shirk                  work               _____

vain                   deign               _____

preferring         hearing             _____

heap                  keep                 _____

past                   last                    _____

say                     way                  _____

What kind of words are they? 


log                  frog                dog 

shirk               work               burp 

vain                deign              main 

preferring      hearing           clearing 

heap               keep                 leap 

past                 last                   cast 

way                 say                   lay 

What kind of words are they?           Rhyming words 



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