NCERT Solutions for Poem The Kite Class 6 English Honeysuckle

Many beautiful things are compared to the new kite, which proves its own beauty and motion. Through the poem, poet claims that the kite's flight in the sky depends on the wind, but when it gets stuck, tangled, and messed with tree branches, its beauty and shine will be gone.

NCERT Solutions for Class 6th English Poem The Kite

The Kite Questions and Answers

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The Kite NCERT Solutions


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Question 1: List out the action words in the poem.

    Dive, dip, snaps _____, _____, ______ _____, ______

    Find out the meanings of these words.


    Dive, dip, snaps,



    Dive - to jump or move downwards through the help of the air.

    Dip - to let something go down in a quick manner into a piece of liquid.

    Snaps - a sudden movement (in reference to the poem) Soars to rise high in the air.

    Sail - to move in a rapid and smooth manner.

    Tides - the movement along with tides of the sea i.e. the alternate rising and falling of the sea.

    Rides - a movement meant for adventure and amusement.

    Climbs - to move upwards

    Pulls - to move towards a particular direction in a controlled manner.

    Falls to move from a higher to a lower level without much control.

    Run - to move at a speed faster than normal speed of walking.

    Blows - to move in a manner that creates air current. Goes - to move from a particular place to another.

    Flaps - to move up and down at a pace when flying

    NOTE - Please note that this answer contains all the action words listed in the poem. Students can write their answers in accordance with the requirement of a particular question.

    Question 2: Read these lines from the poem:

      Then soars like a ship

      With only a sail

      The movement of the tailless kite is compared to a ship

      With a sail. This is called a simile.

      Can you suggest what or who the following actions may

      Be compared to?

      He runs like _____

      He eats like _____

      She sings like _____

      It shines like _____

      It flies like _____


      He runs like the swift the movement of a train

      He eats like the Panda

      She sings like the melodious Asian Koel bird

      It shines like the Blue Moon Diamond

      It flies like the Humming Bird

      Question 3: Try to make a kite with your friends. Collect the things required such as colour paper / newspaper, thread, glue, a thin stick that can be bent. After making the kite see if you can fly it.


      This question requires the students to use their creative imagination in creating hand-made kites.

      A specific paper i.e. the kite paper along with the basic adhesive glue, a thin but strong stick in order to provide stability to the kite can be used to make bright and colourful kites.

      NOTE - This is a fun activity. Students can freely make their choice of kites using various materials.

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