NCERT Solutions for Chapter 2 How the Dog Found himself a Master Class 6 English Honeysuckle

A big wolf becomes his master after he meets him. The bear is afraid of it, so he goes to serve it. Likewise, he became a servant of the lion when he noticed the bear was afraid of him. At last, when he realized even the lion was afraid of humans, he went to the man and became his faithful servant. He realized that humans are strongest creature and that is the reason he stayed with him.

NCERT Solutions for Class 6th English Chapter 2 How the Dog Found himself a Master

How the Dog Found himself a Master Questions and Answers

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How the Dog Found himself a Master NCERT Solutions


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Question 1 A: Why did the dog feel the need for a master?


The dog felt the need for a master because he was ill- pleased with his way of life.

He was sick and tired of wandering about by himself looking for food along with the fear from those stronger than him. Therefore, after thinking much about it, he decided that it was in his best interest to become a servant of the one who was stronger than anyone on earth.

Question 1 B: Who did he first choose as his master? Why did he leave that master?


The dog first chose a big, strong and fierce wolf as his master.

However, on observing the frightened face and the actions of hiding in the bushes, deep into the forest because of the Bear, the dog got much surprised. Therefore, after knowing that the Bear was much stronger than the Wolf, he left his previous master.

Question 1 C: Who did he choose next?


The dog chose the Bear to be his next master to which the Bear readily agreed.

The dog did so because he had observed the frightened face of the Wolf (his previous master) and therefore left him to be with a much stronger master i.e. the Bear.

Question 1 D: Why did he serve the Lion for a long time?


The dog stayed with the Lion and served him for a long time because the Lion was amongst the strongest beast present in the forest.

The dog had a good life with no complaints and no one dared to touch him or offend him in any way.

Question 1 E: Who did he finally choose as his master and why?


The dog finally chose the Man as his master because he had realized that the man was stronger than anyone on Earth.

As the Lion gave a big roar, striking his paw towards the ground angrily and then running away quietly, the dog observed Lion's weakness and left him to become the Man's true servant.

Question 2: A summary of the story is given below. Fill in the blanks to complete it taking appropriate phrases from the box.

a dog   stranger than anyone else   the strongest of all

a wolf   the bear   afraid of man   his own master   a lion

This is the story of _____, who used to be ______. He decided to find a master ________. First he found _______ but the wolf was afraid of ________. The dog thought that the bear was _______. After some time, the dog met _______, who seemed the strongest. He stayed with the lion for a long time. One day he realized that the lion was _______. To this day, the dog remains man's best friend.


This is the story of a dog, who used to be his own master. He decided to find a master stronger than anyone else. First, he found a wolf, but the wolf was afraid of the bear. The dog thought that the bear was the strongest of all. After some time, the dog met a lion, who seemed the strongest. He stayed with the lion for a long time. One day he realized that the lion was afraid of man. To this day, the dog remains man's best friend.


Question 1: Each word in the box given below indicates 'a large number of ....

For example, 'a herd of cows' refers to many cows.

Complete each of the following phrases with a suitable word from the box.

school   fleet   brood   bundle   bunch   pack   flock   herd

1. a _____ of ships

2. a _____ of flowers

3. a _____ of chicks

4. a _____ of cattle

5. a _____ of sticks

6. a _____ of sheep

7. a _____ of fish

8. a _____ of wolves


1. a fleet of ships

2. a bunch of flowers

3. a brood of chicks

4. a herd of cattle

5. a bundle of sticks

6. a flock of sheep

7. a school of fish

8. a pack of wolves

NOTE - The following phrases are known as Collective Nouns which are simply known as words that are used in particular reference to a group of people, animals or things.
For Example - a regiment of soldiers

Question 2: Make nouns from the words given below by adding -nes or-ity. (For some words we need to add just -ty, or -y)

1. honest _____

2. kind _____

3. cruel _____

4. calm _____

8. sincere _____

9. cheerful _____

10. bitter _____

11. sensitive _____

12. great _____


1. honest honesty

2. kind kindness

3. cruel cruelty

4. calm calmness

5. sad sadness

6. active activity

7. creative creativity

8. sincere sincerity

9. cheerful cheerfulness

10. bitter bitterness

11. sensitive sensitivity

12. great greatness

Question 3: Word search

There are twelve words hidden in this table. Six can be found horizontally and the remaining six vertically. All of them are 'describing' words like 'good', 'happy', etc. The first letters of the words are given below:

Horizontal: H  R  F  F  S  G

Vertical: A  W  S  F  L  Q


The twelve words are -

1. Hasty

2. Angry

3. Worse

4. Ready

5. Fierce

6. Strong

7. Good

8. Frightened

9. Surprised

10. Loyal

11. Quiet

12. Free

NOTE - "Describing Words" are also known as adjectives that describe the quality (either positive or negative) of a person, animal or thing.

Question 4 A: Read the following passage and do the exercises that follow. Then complete the family tree of dogs given on the facing page.

The Dog Family

The dog family is one of the 11 families that make up the Carnivores, a large group of intelligent, flesh-eating, backboned animals. In this group are such varied animals as bears, pandas, raccoons, cats, hyenas, and even seal. The dog or canine family has many wild species like wolves, foxes, coyotes, jackals, and wild dogs. The dog is the only domesticated member of the canine family though now and then someone tames a wolf, fox or coyote as a pet. All members of the dog family are descendants of a wolf-like animal which lived about 15 million years ago. From this distant ancestor, the true dogs gradually developed. But nobody knows the exact ancestor of the modern domestic dog.

Several wild dogs look and behave like domestic dogs. The dingo or wild dog of Australia is one of these. It is possible that the dingo was a tamed dog brought to Australia long ago which then ran wild.

Dogs were the first animals tamed by humans - perhaps 20,000 years ago. Tamed dogs were brought from Asia to the New World 5,000 or more years ago. Dogs were first used for hunting.

(a) Find the opposites of these words in the text above.

(i) ancestor _____

(ii) wild t ____m

(iii) ancient_____

(iv) near d ____ t

(v) suddenly gr _____

(b) Complete the following sentences.

(i) The dingo is __________.

(ii) Dogs were the ______ animals tamed by humans. The other animals tamed by humans are _______. (Think and name some other such animals.)

(iii) The New World refers to ________.

Dogs were brought there from _________.


(a) (i) ancestor descendant

(ii) wild tame

(iii) ancient modern

(iv) near distant

(v) suddenly gradually

(b) (i) The dingo is a wild dog of Australia.

(ii) Dogs were the first animals tamed by humans. The other animals tamed by humans are cats.

(Think and name some other such animals.)

(iii) The New World refers to Australia.

Dogs were brought there from Asia.

Question 4 B: Family Tree of Dogs



Question 1: Here are some points from a similar story that you might have heard in another language. Dividing the class into two groups try and tell the story in English. One person from each group can speak alternately. Your teacher will help you. As you tell it, one of you may write it down on the board.

A Mouse Maiden

  • mouse changed into a girl by a magician....
  • wants to marry the strongest person...
  • asks whether sun or cloud stronger (why ?)...
  • but mountain stronger than clouds (how ?)...
  • but mouse stronger than a mountain (how ?)...
  • The girl asks to marry mouse, becomes a mouse again.


Once upon a time a mouse eagerly asked a magician to change her into a beautiful girl as she wanted to marry the strongest person.

After the magician blessed the tiny mouse with extremely beautiful looks of a girl, the mouse was confronted with the question of "Who was stronger?"

Comparing the sun and the cloud, the tiny mouse considered the sun to be much stronger as its position was constant whereas the clouds moved and changed their position time and again. However, she still asked the clouds the same question. The clouds refused to marry her and told her that the mountain was much stronger than both the sun and him (clouds).

Now, progressing towards her answers, she went to the mountain and explained her confusions. The mountain told her that the strongest of all those she had encountered was the mouse only because of its tiny size. Although the sun, the mountain, and the clouds were huge in size, the mouse was the most appropriate because it enjoyed many advantages being tiny in size and free in its movements. The mountain was thus successful in making the girl realize the value of little things in life.

The girl, in this manner, understood the value of being a mouse and turned back to a mouse again.

NOTE - The given answer is just an example. In such questions, students can use their own creative ideas in framing their answers.

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