NCERT Solutions for Chapter 5 Tansen Class 6 English A Pact with the Sun

Tansen was the only child of his parents.  Naughty but talented, he imitated the calls of birds and animals perfectly. Once he tried to frighten a group of travellers by roaring like a tiger.  Tansen learnt music from Swami Haridas for eleven years.  He stayed with a holy man called Mohammad Ghaus  He married Hussaini, one of the ladies in the court of Rani Mrignaini. Tansen became a favourite in Akbar’s court.  Once he was asked to sing Raga Deepak.  Tansen asked his daughter and her friend to sing Raga Megh after Raga Deepak to counteract the effect of the latter. Both Ragas were sung according to plan.  Akbar punished Tansen’s enemies.  Tansen died in 1585.

NCERT Solutions for Class 6th English Chapter 5 Tansen

Tansen Questions and Answers

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Tansen NCERT Solutions


CBSE Class 6

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A Pact with the Sun

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Question 1: Why did Swami Haridas say Tansen was ‘talented’?


Tansen had a talent of imitating animals. Once he even fooled the group of Swami Haridas by imitating a tiger. Swami Haridas was really impressed with his ability and thus called him 'talented'.

Question 2: Why did Akbar ask Tansen to join his court?


Tansen having learned music from Swami Haridas, was very good in his art. He has performed in front of many kings and also Emperor Akbar who got really impressed with his skill and asked him to join his court.

Question 3:  How do we know that Akbar was fond of Tansen? Give two reasons.


Akbar was fond of Tansen. The following facts show it.

(i) He gave many presents to Tansen on varied occasions.

(ii) He often walked to Tansen’s house to listen while he

was practicing.

(iii) Akbar frequently asked him to sing in the court.

Question 4: What did the other courtiers feel about Tansen?


The other courtiers were jealous of Tansen as the emperor was very fond of Tansen.

Question 5: (i) What happens if Raga Deepak is sung properly?

(ii) Why did Tansen’s enemies want him to sing the Raga?


(i) If Raga Deepak is sung properly, the air becomes so hot that the lamps are lighted on their own. However, the heat is so intense that it burns the singer to ashes.

(ii) Tansen’s enemies were jealous of him but still knew about his skill and believed that Tansen can sing the Raga properly. The conspired to burn Tansen through the heat produced by the Raga.

Question 6: Why did Tansen agree to sing Raga Deepak?


Tansen knew that he might die if he sings Raga Deepak but he still agreed to do it because he did not dared to disobey a direct order from his king and also he wanted to show that he could sing the Raga.

Question 7: (i) What steps did he take to save himself?

(ii) Did his plan work? How?


(i) Tansen took the following steps to save himself: 

(a) He asked the king to give him time to make preparations. This he did to find a way out of the tough situation.

(b) He taught his daughter and her friend to sing Raga Megh properly as it could lead to rains and thus save Tansen’s life.

(ii) Yes, his plan worked perfectly. As expected when Tansen began to sing, the air became hot and flames shot up from nowhere and lit the lamp. Just then, the two girls started singing Raga Megh and brought down rain. In this way, Tansen’s life was saved.

Question 8: Are you interested in music? Do you like classical music? Name a few distinguished Indian musicians.


Yes, I am interested in music. I have a fondness for classical music.

Ustad Amzad Ali Khan, Ustad Zakir Hussain, Pt. Jai Shankar Chaurasya, A.R. Rehman etc., are some of the distinguished Indian musicians.

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