NCERT Solutions for Chapter 5 (Poem) My Shadow Class 5 English Marigold

In this poem, Robert Louis Stevenson writes that everyone has a shadow of themselves, but he can't understand what it's for. It behaves like a child and resembles a human being. Shadows jump when they jump and run when they run. He is always followed by his shadow. Shadows never appear in front of him, always behind. There is no increase in the size of the shadow, as the poet wonders. In some cases, it becomes as large as a bouncing Indian ball and as short as nobody likes him. A poet awoke early one morning. His shadow wasn't with him as he saw moisture on yellow flowers. Despite his laziness and the fact that his shadow was still sleeping, he wondered if it had already been put to bed. Children are portrayed as so naive and innocent in the poem. There is a great deal of curiosity and imagination in their observations and imaginations. 

  NCERT Solutions for Class 5th English Chapter 5 (Poem) My Shadow

My Shadow Questions and Answers

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My Shadow NCERT Solutions


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Page No 44:

Question 1: Who do you think your shadow looks like?


I think my shadow looks exactly like me.


Page No 44:

Question 2: Why do you think your shadow jumps into bed before you can?


The shadow is not a physical thing and it appears faster than light. It is because of that my shadow jumps into bed before I can.


Page No 44:

Question 3: What time of the day do you think it is when your shadow is the tallest? Why?

  • Morning
  • Afternoon
  • Night


Our shadow is the tallest in the morning. It is because the sun rays are slanting at the time of sunrise.


Page No 44:

Question 4: Read the lines from the poem and answer the following. He is very like me. From the heels up to the head!

(i) Who does he refer to?

(ii) Who does me refer to?

(iii) Why are he and me alike?


(i) He refers to the shadow.

(ii) Me refers to the poet.

(iii) He and me are alike because they look exactly like each other.


Page No 44:

Question 1: Work in pairs and discuss the following. What would you do


  • a dog chases you?


  • you have forgotten your homework copy at home?


  • you are alone in a room and the lights go out?



Disclaimer: These are sample answers. Students are advised to write the answers based on their own experiences and observations.

  • If a dog chases me, I would not run and instead walk slowly.
  • If I would have forgotten my homework copy at home, I would apologies to my class-teacher about it.
  • If I am alone in my room and lights go out, I would light a candle.

Page No 45:         
Question 1: Disclaimer: Kindly refer the textbook for the image.
  • Shine a torch behind your hand and see its shadow on the wall.
  • Move the torch a little away from your hand and see the shadow on the wall.

    Do you find a difference in the size of the hand on the wall?

Disclaimer: Such activities should be tried by the students on their own.

Page No 45:
Question 1: Work in groups of five.
  • Make a large hand on a plain sheet.
  • Mark the names of fingers, thumb and palm on the hand. Use the hints given in the box.
Disclaimer: This is a group activity to be done along with your friends in the classroom.

Page No 45:
Question 2: Do the actions as given below, and observe which part, or fingers, of your hand is being used.

point at a door       
bounce a ball         
scratch your chin
twist your ear        
comb your hair      
draw with a pencil
touch a flower


point at a door- fore finger bounce a ball- palm scratch your chin- fore finger twist your ear- thumb and fore finger comb your hair- all the fingers draw with a pencil- pencil and fore finger touch a flower- fore finger


Page No 46:

Question 1: Fill in the blanks using one of the words given in brackets.

(i) Where is the child______ parents have come to school? (who/whose/which)

(ii) I saw many houses______ were quite spacious. (which/whose/who).

(iii) Mathematics, ______ is my favourite subject, is so interesting. (who/which/that)

(iv) The poem______ you read out, is so lovely. (whose/which/that)

(v) I know the street______ he lives on. (whose/that/which)

(vi) I like reading books______ have pictures in it. (that/who/which)

(vii) The old lady______ I met in your house is my neighbour. (whom/that/which)


(i) whose (ii) which (iii) which (iv) that (v) which (vi) that (vii) whom

Page No 46:

Question 2: Complete this description by answering the questions below.

Disclaimer: Kindly refer to the textbook for the image.

Write a few lines on Mithoo and his little dog named Shadow.





Mithoo is a very shy boy. He is ten years of age. Mithoo has a cute dog named Shadow. Mithoo likes to call her Shadow as she always follows Mithoo wherever he goes. She is white in colour. She is very friendly and loves her neighbours. She always enjoys eating chicken and the left over bones. 


Page No 47:

Question 1:

shoe     shadow    fish    bush

ship       sheep     dish    wash

shell     shade      wish   brush

When the sun shines, I can see My shadow right in front of me When I walk, my shadow walks! When I hop, my shadow hops! When I jump, my shadow jumps and when I stop, my shadow stops!


Act out the poem as you read it slowly.


Disclaimer: Students are advised to practice this on their own.

shoe    shadow    fish     bush

ship     sheep       dish    wash

shell     shade      wish   brush














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