ICSE and ISC Board Previous Year and Specimen Papers Solved for Class 9,10,11 and 12-All Subjects

Previous Year Solved Papers are very important for those students who are preparing for their board examination. Theses previous papers give them an idea about questions can be asked in the examination. Here, we have provided the students of ICSE and ISC with previous year papers as well as specimen papers for class 9,10,11 and 12. We have also solved those previous year papers so that it became easy for the students to get specimen answers of their board papers. Specimen Papers for ICSE class 9 contain question papers from all the subjects which help them in the school examination. ICSE Class 10 Previous Year Solved Papers contain the list of question papers from the previous year examination of all the subjects. It also have specimen papers which students can solve to take idea about their preparation for their ICSE Class 10 Board Examination. Class 11 ISC Specimen Papers will definitely help the students in taking an idea how schools can ask questions. They can solve those specimen papers to know about their knowledge. Also, we have provided ISC Class 12 Previous year solved Papers which give you an idea how CISCE Board can ask questions in the board examination. They can solve those previous year papers to score well in the examination and get good marks.

Specimen Papers for ICSE Class 9

Previous Year Solved Papers for ICSE Class 10

Specimen Papers for ISC Class 11

Previous Year Solved Papers for ISC Class 12

Students can click on the above links to select their class in order to access CISCE Board sample papers, previous year board papers and specimen papers. These questions papers are solved so that it became easy to find the solution after taking the examination. Students can check if they have answered correctly or not. We have provided previous papers and specimen papers for ICSe and ISC Board for all the subjects including Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English Literature (Paper I and Paper Ii), Hindi, Sociology, History, Civics, Geography, Economics, Commerce, Accounts, Business Studies and many more subjects.

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