Workbook Answers for The Tempest by William Shakespeare Act 3 Scene 2 ISC

Here, we are providing you with the solutions of Workbook of The Tempest Act 3 Scene 2. This novel is written by William Shakespeare. The answers of workbook for The Tempest Act 3 Scene 2 is very useful for the students of ISC who are studying in either Class 11 or 12.

The Tempest Act 3 Scene 2 Workbook Answers

Extract 1

TRINCULO. Servant-monster? the folly of this island!

They say there’s but five upon this isle: we are three of

them; if th’ other two be brain’d like us, the state totters.

STEPHANO. Drink, servant-monster, when I bid thee.

Thy eyes are almost set in thy head.

TRINCULO. Where should they be set else? He were a

brave monster indeed if they were set in his tail.

STEPHANO. My man-monster hath drown’d his tongue

in sack. For my part, the sea cannot drown me; I swam,

ere I could recover the shore, five and thirty leagues off

and on. By this light, thou shalt be my lieutenant,

monster, or my standard.

1. Who are the “three of them” and the rest two? If two of the rest are like the others, what would happen to the state?


The three of them are Stephano, Caliban, and Trinculo, and the rest two are Prospero and Miranda. If the other two were brained like them, the state would have collapse.

2. Who is the servant-monster? What is meant by”his eyes set in his head”? Why do you think that his eyes are set in his head?


"Caliban is the servant monster’, "his eyes set in his head” means that his eyes are staring blankly as they were set in his head. His eyes are set in his head because he is half-monster and half-human. He is disproportioned in his shape and seems to be a missing link between man and animal.

3. Bring out the humor in the response of Trinculo in the extract.


Trinculo says that Caliban's eyes should be set in his tail rather than in his head. He says that Caliban would look more handsome if his eyes were in his tail. This brings out a sense of humor in the above extract.

4. What does Trinculo say about Caliban?


Trinculo says that Caliban's eyes should be set in his tail rather than in his head. He says that Caliban would look more handsome if his eyes were set in his tail.

5. How is Caliban’s plot to murder Prospero parallel to the plot hatched by Antonio and Sebastian?


Caliban’s plot to kill Prospero is parallel to the plot that is to be hatched by Antonio and Sebastian to kill Alonso during his sleep because both have a common motive and goal to conquer the land, Caliban wants to conquer the island whereas Sebastian wants to be the king of Naples. Both of them have evil thoughts with a greedy mind.

6. Give the meaning of the following words as they are used in the context of the passage:
(a) folly
(b) sack


(a) folly: fool
(b) sack: a kind of wine

Extract 2

CALIBAN. I say by sorcery he got this isle;

From me he got it. If thy greatness will

Revenge it on him—for I know thou dar’st,

But this thing dare not—

STEPHANO. That’s most certain.

CALIBAN. Thou shalt be lord of it, and I’ll serve thee.

STEPHANO. How now shall this be compass’d? Canst

thou bring me to the party?

CALIBAN. Yea, yea, my lord. I’ll yield him thee asleep,

Where thou mayst knock a nail into his head.


1. Who got the island by sorcery? How did Caliban get the island?


Prospero got the island by sorcery. Caliban got the island by inheritance from his mother Sycorax, who was the former ruler of this island. But Prospero captured and took away the island from Caliban through magic.

2. Who should now be the legal owner of the island according to Caliban? What does Caliban request Stephano to do?


According to Caliban, Stephano should be the legal owner of this island. Caliban requests Stephano to take revenge from Prospero and kill him while he is asleep and marry Miranda.

3. Explain the symbolism in Prospero taking over Caliban’s island with reference to the practice of colonization.


Caliban was the legitimate proprietor of this island yet Prospero assumed control over this island from him and began living there. It is colonization where individuals originate from outside and rule a spot while smothering neighborhood individuals living there. It shows the act of intensity and colonization.

4. What is Caliban’s plan to take revenge on Prospero?


 Caliban asks Stephano to murder Prospero at noon while he is asleep. After murdering, Stephano would-be the ruler of the island. He suggests him to steal his magical books, and cut his throat or rip off his belly or knock a nail in his skull.

5. How was the plan not carried out?


The plan was not carried out, because Ariel interrupted by playing a ditty song, which grabbed the attention of Caliban, Sebastian, and Trinculo, and they all planned to find the source of this song before carrying the plot to kill Prospero. But, they didn't know that this music is itself leading them to Prospero's cell.

6. Give the meaning of the following words as they are used in the context of the passage:
(a) lord
(b) compassed


(a) lord: here referred to Stephano by Caliban
(b) compassed: accomplished

Extract 3


First to possess his books; for without them

He’s but a sot, as I am; nor hath not

One spirit to command: they all do hate him

As rootedly as I. Burn but his books.

He has brave utensils (for so he calls them)

Which when he has a house, he’ll deck withal.

And that most deeply to consider is

The beauty of his daughter. He himself

Calls her a nonpareil: I never saw a woman

But only Sycorax my dam and she;

But she as far surpasseth Sycorax

As great’st does least.


1. Who speaks these words? What is Stephano requested to do after taking Prospero’s books?


These words are spoken by Caliban. Stephano is requested to take away his magical books from him before killing him, and marry his daughter Miranda and become the king of this island.

2. Why are his books so important to Prospero? Besides the books, what two other things are important to carry out his projects?


Prospero's books are so important to him because according to Caliban, without his books Prospero is useless and a drunkard. Besides books, two other things important to him is to carry on his assignment to punish Antonio and others is his brave utensils.

3. What are the brave utensils? What would Prospero do with them?


Brave utensils are the Prospero’s tools that he uses to perform magic. Prospero performs all his magic tricks with them.

4. What does the speaker say about Prospero’s daughter?


The speaker, Caliban says that Prospero's daughter Miranda is very beautiful, and he calls his daughter nonpareil, Caliban also compares Miranda's beauty with his mother Sycorax, and says that Miranda is far beautiful than his mother.

5. What time according to the speaker is suitable to assassinate Prospero? Why?


According to the speaker, afternoon time is the best suitable time to assassinate Prospero because at noon he would be sleeping.

6. Give the meaning of the following words as they are used in the context of the passage:
(a) rootedly
(b) nonpareil


(a) rootedly: deeply
(b) nonpareil: paragon, matchless woman

Extract 4

CALIBAN. Art thou afeard?

STEPHANO. No, monster, not I.

CALIBAN. Be not afeard, the isle is full of noises,

Sounds, and sweet airs, that give delight and hurt not.

Sometimes a thousand twangling instruments

Will hum about mine ears; and sometime voices,

That if I then had wak’d after long sleep,

Will make me sleep again, and then, in dreaming,

The clouds methought would open, and show riches

Ready to drop upon me, that when I wak’d

I cried to dream again.


1. What has just happened due to which Caliban tells Stephano not to be afraid? What is the attitude of Trinculo and Stephano to what they hear?


They had just heard the sound of music, which makes them afraid. Stephano challenges the music maker to come in front which shows that Stephano is not afraid whereas Trinculo gets frightened listening to the music.

2. What does Caliban say about the sounds on the island?


Caliban says that this is an enchanted island and there are numerous sounds that are heard on the island. He says that the music is such that when he wakes up after a long sleep he hears music, which leads him to sleep back again.

3. What is meant by the twangling instruments? Describe the effect of the sound instruments on Caliban.


Twangling instruments refer to the musical instruments which produce various sounds. The sound instrument goes about as a children’s song for Caliban as it causes him to feel sluggish once more.

4. Against the background of the extract, explain why the island is known to be enchanted.


This island is known to enchant because various sounds are heard on this island and many spirits dwell on it.

5. What does Stephano say about the music on the island? Where is the sound leading them? What do these three conspirators plan to do?


On listening to the music on the island, he says that this island will prove to be a good kingdom for him as he would get music for free. The sound is leading them to kill Prospero while he was asleep.

6. Give the meaning of the following words as they are used in the context of the passage:
(a) twangling
(b) methought


(a) twangling: producing various musical sounds
(b) methought: It seemed to be

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