Synopsis of Act 4 Scene 2 of The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare

The Merchant of Venice Act 4 (Scene 2) Plot Summary with Word Meanings

The scene opens in a street of Venice. Portia sends Nerissa to look for Shylock's house so that the deed can be signed which gives Lorenzo and Jessica Shylock's property. Gratiano then enters the scene presenting Bassanio's ring to Portia. Nerissa also demands for Gratiano's ring which he gives her thinking that the clerk deserves a gift as much as the lawyer (Portia). Now both the ladies have their husband's rings. Portia then asks Gratiano to help Nerissa find Shylock's house. The women plan to reach Belmont a day before their husbands can reach therefore they decline the dinner invitation.


this deed - the document in which he promises to make Lorenzo his heir,
upon more advice – having thought more about the matter,
thou may'st - you can,
warrant - assure,
old - a lot of,
out them - put them to shame,
tarry - wait

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