Synopsis of Act 2 Scene 6 of The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare

The Merchant of Venice Act 2 (Scene 6) Plot Summary with Word Meanings

The elopement of Lorenzo and Jessica is the main event that takes place in this scene. Gratiano and Salerio are waiting for Lorenzo outside Shylock's house. Lorenzo is late and the friends are surprised as normally lovers reach before time. They also remark that mostly lovers keep their appointment in time as long as they are engaged, but once they marry all promises are forgotten. Lorenzo comes at this time and apologizes for being late. He calls Jessica who appears above, dressed as a boy. She throws down a casket full of money and Jewels. Jessica is ashamed of stealing money as well as her disguise. But she consoles herself by saying that love is blind and lovers are unaware of the foolish things they do.

Lorenzo tells Jessica that she's going to be his torch bearer. The idea of holding a light to her may expose her identity. After being reassured, she goes back to the house to lock the doors and fetch more ducats. Lorenzo tells Gratiano that Jessica is the most faithful and loving lady. When she comes down, the lovers leave with Salerio.

Gratiano meets Antonio who has been looking for him. Antonio informs him that Bassanio's party has been cancelled as the wind has changed and the time is right to set sail for Belmont. Gratiano is delighted, as he is eager to leave for Belmont.

Word - Meanings 

penthouse - porch,
make stand - wait,
marvel - wonder,
out-dwells his hour - late,
Venus - goddess of love who rides in a chariot drawn by pigeons,
won't - likely to,
unforfeited - unbrohen,
ever-holds - always true,
untread again - retrace his steps,
tedious measures - boring steps,
unabated fire - undiminished spirit or enthusiasm,
younger - a youngster,
scarfed bark - ship decorated with flags and bunting,
strumpet wind - uncontrolled wind,
over-weathered ribs - storm beaten sides,
ragged – torn,
abode - delay,
albeit - although,
tongue - voice;
pains - troubles;
exchange - change of clothes;
pretty follies - small acts of foolishness;
Cupid - god of Love:
hold a candle to pretty follies - small acts of foolishness:
Cupid - god of Love;
hold a candle to - hold up a light to reveal;
shames - shameful dress:
sooth - indeed:
obscur'd - hidden;
garnish - costume:
play the runaway - slipping away,
gild - adorn with gold;
beshrew me - curse me;
constant soul – loyal heart;
Fie - shame

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