Synopsis of Act 2 Scene 3 of The Merchant Of Venice by William Shakespeare

The Merchant of Venice Act 2 (Scene 3) Plot Summary with Word Meanings

This scene is set in Shylock's house. This introduces the sub-plot of Lorenzo-Jessica love story. Launcelot comes to take his leave from Shylock, but finds his master's daughter, Jessica, sitting alone in the house. She is sad to know Launcelot is leaving but understands the reason. She says that he had brought some cheer to the house which is as oppressive as hell. She also asks him to deliver a letter to Lorenzo, her lover. Launcelot sadly bids farewell to the sweet Jew and is happy that she is going to run away with a Christian.

After the clown goes, Jessica reveals that she is ashamed of being Shylock's daughter. She has only 'blood' in common with her father. She says that if she succeeds in running away, she'll marry Lorenzo and become a Christian. The scene exposes the conflict between her father and her love for Lorenzo.
Word - Meanings 

taste - part
tediousness - boredom
exhibit - inhibit my tongue
pagan – non-believer in christianity
play the knave - be dishonest
deceived - cheated
drops - tears
spirit - courage
heinous - evil
strife - conflict

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